Sade and Kristina Alleyne Dance (UK)


Kristina and Sadé Alleyne presents Alleyne Dance, an internationally touring, innovative, modern, multi disciplined dance company based in London. Kristina and Sadé have worked with many companies across the years and trained in many genres of dance including traditional African dance, Hip Hop, Kathak, Latin and Circus Skills. We were originally Athlete’s and trained professionally in London. Those experiences have helped mould our dynamic, fast, physical dance style and technique. We teach as a duo. From our different journeys/experiences as dance artist we now fuse our strengths together. Our skills moulds together to create a successful and knowledgeable environment to lead the sessions. As we are sisters (Twins) we click as a duo and believe that we can give each participant double the attention, knowledge, advice and inspiration during the sessions. The significant factors for workshops or creation period’s is to create a process which will help develop the individuals creative mind, generate passion, determination, strength, and most Importantly an intention/ belief in what ever they decide to do.
 We teach and create regularly at many schools, communities, youth and
 professional companies/ artist and for small projects across the world, leading taster sessions, creative/ improvisation sessions and choreograph small pieces. We have also directed modelling shoots, dance for camera, community outdoor projects and have also set up youth companies to continue the work we created. In every session or creative class we really push the participants and give them a sense of professionalism and generate awareness of they’re bodies and to just to simply generate passion and motivation in the art. We work with a variety of ages, levels and abilities. The Company have been involved with, Dance Mission (San Francisco, USA), GLL Sportathon (London, UK), B40 Youth Group, Academy of Performing Arts (London, UK), CAT Schemes (London/ Nottingham/ Birmingham/ Manchester/ Leeds), Dance 4 (Nottingham, UK), Bird College (London, UK), debuting at Fontys Dance Academy (Tilburg, NL), Deltebre Dansa (Spain) and will be returning to HJS Summer Intensive (Amsterdam, NL) and Impulstanz Festival 2016 (Vienna, Austria), 2017 Dance Hybrid Malta.